Why ‘The Second Act’?

I’m becoming an old lady.

I always thought I’d hate to say that, but turning 60 no longer means twinset and pearls. Nowadays you can dress your years any way you like – pearls, joggers, Armani, skinny jeans – you name it, we’re wearing it. And we’re doing what we want to do – going on adventures, playing with the grandkids, starting new careers, writing blogs………….

So calling it ‘growing old’ doesn’t quite fit. I prefer a quote from a wonderful role model for new ageing, Judi Dench, who talked about being in her Second Act. It fits perfectly:

The First Act

Think about watching a play:

The first act sets the context: you meet the characters, review the relationships, understand the limitations involved, then the first steps of the story begin to unfold.

As you shuffle to the bar for the interval, you are left hanging – the plot could go in any number of directions. You wonder about the next steps – will it be a let down or something that leaves you challenged and thoughtful. In reality – at this point, anything could happen.

Then The Second Act

This is where all that careful groundwork comes to fruition. The plot thickens, relationships play out and you begin to see the wisdom – or ignorance  – that leads to the final outcome.

Major birthdays see you walking onto the stage for the Second Act. It is all to go for. The next moves are down to you. You can slide down to an end that leaves a bitter taste OR you can slide up towards a Grande Finale that takes everyone by surprise and leaves them rocking in their seats.

There are no rules about the Second Act – you can make it up as you go along. You can go for peace and quiet or adventure and excitement. As long as it is what you want, it is perfect.

My plan is for a combination of the two. I have some ambitions: adventures with John, seeing my grandkids get married (if I play my cards right maybe I’ll be the flower girl), learning new things, making new friends

We Boomers – we’ve done plenty of changes over the years. My youngest daughter has huge faith in us. She’s convinced we’ll keep changing until they nail down the box. And I do so hate to disappoint my kids, so let’s go for it and set them a fine example for the future!