I know ‘that pretty girl in the mirror there’ is long gone, but that doesn’t stop the face I do own being a surprise.

If you’re like me, it’s the quick glimpses that are most shocking. With warning, I arrange myself pretty well – smiling, holding my chin up, tummy in…… It’s the unexpected, unadulterated view that’s the killer. As Diana Tibble says in her interview “Where on earth did she come from?” (See Interviews http://condactblogbet.wpengine.com/videos/)

Arthur UK Premiere - LondonMy internal age is 27, so the mouth lines and crows feet just don’t fit. On other women, I can see the real beauty and wisdom – who would see Helen Mirren as anything other that fantastic? But on me, I see an old lady.

Time to go with the changes

So time to get to grips with the new me. Time to accept the woman in the mirror – decide what impact I’m going to have; understand what others expect of me as I enter this new stage of life – and decide what I expect of myself. I’ve learned a lot over the years – it’s time I used it.

My face is a clear indicator of ‘what’s in the tin’ – lashings of life experience in a rich soup of knowledge.

imagesRemember Shirley Valentine’s Greek lover, when he describing her stretch marks as a badge of honour? We know he was ‘full of s***t’, but even a chat up line can be right sometimes. How about taking our stretch marks, wrinkles and droops seriously as a sign of the wisdom we hold and the benefits we have to offer to family, friends and colleagues?

I’m up for giving it a go – how about you?

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