Calling women in the workplace 

Help me understand the steps to female confidence.

I recently went to a friends 50th birthday celebration. According to the stories, jokes, and 6d010f37177526299a0cfda52d84b0bfbirthday cards this is the moment when she can finally say what she means, whether others like it or not. The moment when she can stop caring what others think and plough her own furrow.

It’s a nice idea – and I’m sure some women really do get there. But I also suspect there are numerous women of all ages who never actually make it. Instead they doubt themselves, assume others know best and hesitate to go for what they want.

If that sounds like you, then I’d love to talk. I’m exploring the subject of Confidence in the Workplace, so am reaching out to working women who are willing to share their experiences. Names will be confidential, unless you are willing to share, and nothing will be used without your approval.

So if you’d like to be part of this new research, leave me a message on Facebook  or send me a message here and we’ll set up a call to explore how you would like to contribute.

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