Such an exciting city, London. New experiences around every corner, dynamic ideas springing into action, remarkable offerings for those in the ‘know’.

I’ve lived near the city for 45 years and always loved the buzz that begins the moment I get off the train at St Pancras. More recently, my ‘big’ kids have introduced me to a whole new side of the metropolis – the innovative, creative, original side that keeps taking me by surprise.

Last weekend was no exception – an evening of Uninspiring Front Doors waiting to fascinate and entertain us:

First a walk down Earls Court Road to a plain, boring door with an intercom and a brass plate that read ‘Evans and Peel Detective Agency’. Eventually, the door is opened by a somber faced young man – no humour, no welcome, just instruction to follow. Down dark windy stairs until we hit a messy cluttered office dating back to the original type writer.images

‘What is your problem?’ severe face asks us.

I point to my husband. ‘This man says he is my lover from long ago. I’m not sure who he is and I’m afraid he’s after my money.’

The interrogation began: was he really who he said he was? How come I didn’t recognize him – had he let himself go? What was he really after? It was tough, demanding and very funny. How did ‘severe face’ manage to ‘rif’ so well around whatever came his way?

At last, satisfied with the answers, he led us through the bookcase and into a speakeasy bar to have weird and wonderful cocktails or moonshine from the radiator.

After a visit to China Town to another unimpressive door guarded by a remarkable well built bouncer for delicious Dim Sum and cocktails – interesting combination. – we walk wend our way to Mayfair to a slightly more imposing door – this time leading us into the world of Mr Phineas Fogg. http://mr-foggs.comimages

A stunning bar full of remarkable artifacts from the journeys of the man himself – there is even the actual balloon hanging in one corner! Sitting on elephant feet stools, surrounded by souvenirs, stuffed animal heads, penny farthing bicycles hanging from the ceiling and tropical plants we drank yet cocktails, this time created for each step of Mr Foggs adventures. Unfortunately, our evening wasn’t blessed by a visit from the man himself, but I have on good information that he visits on a regular basis to talk with his trusty followers.

Just one of many wonderful evenings in recent years, I realise that standards have been well and truly raised. An ordinary bar or pub now feels really boring. I’m looking for the built in adventure and entertainment.

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