Shropshire here we come. Two weeks away with the family, Barry included. So Severn Valley Railway, Ludlow, Ironbridge and the Long Mynd here we come!

Packing is the usual faff, but this time we’re taking Barry with us while Mum and Dad go to an exciting Indian wedding. That means taking all the paraphernalia needed for a tiny person, never mind the two dogs. At least we’re going in the car, so we have room. My challenge will be to leave the kitchen sink behind.

We’ve never done a long car trip with him – and certainly not in this heat – so that’ll be interesting. And then not handing him back for a couple of days will be a first. But there’s two of us Grands and the others so I’m sure it’s going to be fine. He’s a great sleeper and drops off just around G+T time, so all shall be well.

Separation anxiety

It’s Barry’s time for separation anxiety. He hates anyone walking out the door – and I mean anyone. Last week the plumber was amazed. He’s not used to being so popular!

We’ll need to manage it carefully. I’m never sure about sneaking off. Don’t want him to think important people just disappear at the drop of a hat. But it does stop him being so upset. So I’ll bow to the wisdom of Mum and Dad – I’m sure they’ve worked it out by now.

Parental separation anxiety

It’s their first time without him for two days too. Lots of whatapp pictures is my normal routine, so they know he’s fine. If they’re anything like me they’ll miss him, but it’ll be easier if they know he’s happy.

So the nutribullet is in and the yoghourt maker so we can cut down on plastic. The Sainsburys order is done. The duvet and pillows are primed for the back seat. And the bottle of fizz is ready to go in the freezer when we get there. Bit like posh camping, only this time we have a house with hot tub, games room and plenty of space.

So watch this space.



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