The recent  Fabulous Fashionistas programme has been an inspiration for many women in their Second Act. Fantastic women over 70, all following their own style, without concern for the expectations of others. Brilliant – and a role model for us all.

Unknown-3Although I’m not sure I’m that adventurous – now or when I’m over 70. Nor do I think I have that level of determination to do my own thing – yet anyway.

I do like changing my look. It gives me a new lease of life and helps me see myself differently. Like the Fashionistas, how I believe I look impacts how I face the world.

I suspect some women would argue that I how I dress shouldn’t matter. That being concerned about it is just part of the sexist norm that drives me to focus on appearance. Is that how you see it? 

I like to know I look good and that my husband agrees. Personally, I don’t link that to sexism – I expect him to do the same for me – after all, I spend a lot more time looking at him than he does! And vice versa. But that is just me. I don’t expect anyone else to do the same unless they want to.

If we take a lesson from those wise and dynamic Fashionistas, the key is to stick with what works for you. As soon as we start doing only what others want – ignoring what we want ourselves – then is the time to worry.

What do you think? Does image matter to you?




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