I’m discovering that not everyone feels invisible as the years pile on. There are some fabulous women out there who are becoming truly visible for the first time. Free of the drivers of youth, they no longer believe they have to please others, so can finally be themselves.  In which case, the Second Act is a major relief!

Then there is another version – those that never felt visible in the first place. I fall into this category. I carried no assumption that I was attractive – looking back, it was totally ridiculous, but very real at the time – so never expected anyone to notice me. And I’m sure I am not alone.

The Pimple Syndrome

angry_old_womanIt is the ‘pimple’ syndrome – every little flaw taking huge prominence. Believing that the whole world would notice my imperfections, I took a back seat in the hope of slipping under the radar. And it made no difference at all what others said to reassure me – the ego of youth is a force of nature and will not be stopped!

As I pondered on this for myself, I recognised a real possibility that I will look back from the wisdom of 80 years and regret not knowing how lovely I was at 64! So enough. It is time – I am going out there with a bang. Who cares if others don’t approve of how I look or what I say? Now is my moment – another moment – and this time I”m going for it.

Care to join me??

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