Pot, rock concerts and Carnaby Street passed me by as I engaged with the Sixties in murky Wolverhampton. I watched from the sidelines as my big sister forged a pathway – pretend ‘Courrege’ geometric dress; sexy boots and fantastic parties that I watched in awe. I just wanted to be her. I did my best with lacquer, backcombing and The Twist, but Twiggy I wasn’t.

My personal 60’s adventure began in the 70’s , when the Human Potential Movement made the journey from California to the UK. Just when I needed it, I fell over Sensitivity Training. Walking into my first group, I felt instantly ‘at home’ and set off on a path to self realisation. All these years later, the same principle holds true – be the best I can be; get out of my own way; and help others to do the same.

Every year since then I learned more, struggled more, achieved more and got fed up with myself. And each piece of personal frustration spurred me – eventually – to better things.

So now here I am, 64 years old and raring to go! I’m absolutely not ready to give up – this feels a brand new beginning.

You could say that life until now has been preparation for our wise years. Them out there have no idea just how much we have to give, so it’s time we showed them. To do that, we each need to find our own way of being wise, youthful, appealing and inspiring.

So the next round of my Human Potential Movement is about to begin. This Old Bird is coming to the next crossroads and I plan to turn the dial to sensational!