Granny’s are in the news this week.

I just watched Strictly Come Dancing and saw Vanessa Feltz telling a vast audience that she is to become a        Granny and wants to show that older women still have plenty of life in them. Good for her!

And yesterday I saw a lovely piece in the Evening Standard about a new café about to open in London – Nana’s.

 The woman with gran designs is Katie Harris, 29 — NANA’s founder was inspired by her own G-ma, Eileen. “She lives 20 minutes down the road, so whenever I’m ill or I want a massive dinner I will go around. She taught me how to paint, cook and sew. But lots of my friends who aren’t from London are so far away from their nanas and don’t have a place where they can go for that care. I want to get London looked after.” http://www.standard.co.uk/goingout/restaurants/gran-designs-the-new-nana-cafe-8841027.html

What a great idea! I once thought about setting up Adopt a Granny. We became great friends with an elderly neighbour when my eldest was little and she naturally stepped into the gap of Granny. It was a perfect arrangement for us all – support for us, a great relationship for my daughter and an ‘instant’ family for Jean. There must be loads of other families who would love the support and instant Grandparents longing to feel useful.

Age is no limitation to adding value – we all have something amazing to offer. The trick is to find out what we want to do and how we want to do it. It will be different for everyone, but, as Vanessa says, there is plenty of life left in us yet!   

Is there something you are longing to do?

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