Barry is moving house – good neighbour Granny

He’s nine months old now and the sweetest little boy you can imagine. I know – I’m sure to say that, I’m Granny. But I’ll let you decide for yourself and I defy you not to go gooey. He’s been a delight from the word go. It may be his nature – we’ll find out. But it is...

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In search of a Buddha

I’d been home from Bhutan for a number of months before it dawned that I wanted a Buddha. Our trip to the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon had been very special, quickly turning from holiday to pilgrimage as we came under its spell. With the help of our guide, Tshewang,...

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Powerful Mother Nature

Remember the short film, narrated by Julia Roberts, where she talks as Mother Nature? It makes me cry every time. That message to us is so strong: 'I'll recover and evolve, but you...........' Ever since seeing the first pictures taken by astronauts in 1968 and...

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Let’s take our power and bring the Doubting Twin up to date

I have a confession to make – I love Country music. And I love the TV series Nashville. With its focus on powerful women and great music – what’s not to like? Songs written for the show step away from the ‘stand by your man’ theme and home in on the ‘take your power’...

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